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Patrice is a happily retired educator; author, consultant, counselor, entrepreneur, and community leader who utilizes her life experiences to help people of all ages
reach their full potential. As a seasoned educator, Patrice taught in the Broward and Miami-Dade County Public School systems for a combined total of 16
1/2 years. For several years, Patrice formerly served as a volunteer with the I AM Ministries of Miami-Dade and Broward County working with teen girls co-facilitating the “Divas Destined for Greatness” groups. In addition, she also co-facilitated a weekly women group called “The Women’s Empowerment Hour.” In 2011, she was awarded “The Woman of Empowerment Award.”


Patrice’s motto is simple yet powerful “Be inspired to be yourself, Be inspired to empower someone else.” These words not only describe her life, it will one day be the legacy and the message that she leaves behind in the global community. Patrice inspires the millions on a weekly basis with her world-renowned Radio show The Patrice Brantley Show.

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I would like to say that your daily prayer messages has kept me focused on the Bible verse and your examples about it close to me in a positive way. It takes me from my daily routines to a time well spent in reflection of our lords promises. I thank you and will continue to pray for your love of the lord and his word and may it never leave you.

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The Seed Sowing Movement’s mission is to offer counseling services for Teachers who are experiencing burn out in the local and global community which will help dig out the hurts of the classroom, and heals the wounds, and to empower people to change and grow through the use of counseling, personal
growth and development workshops.


The Values of the Mission Statement are deeply rooted in the belief that counseling services are to be affordable and accessible to all educators. The Values of the Mission Statement are deeply rooted in the belief that counseling services are to be affordable and accessible to all educators. Mental health therapy services cannot be a luxury item affordable for only individuals who have the appropriate resources.

The Seed Sowing Movement provides comprehensive quality counseling services that are affordable and accessible. We strive to use our resources wisely so that all can benefit in programs for wellness of mind, body and spirit.
We treat all clients, regardless of economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

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