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Sowing Seeds of Goodness, and Harvesting Legacies of Greatness!!

Helping Teachers, Empowering Schools, and Cultivating
Tomorrow's Leaders

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Why We Sow These Seeds

The Seed Sowing Movement’s mission is to offer counseling services for
Teachers who are experiencing burn out in the local and global community which will help dig out the hurts of the classroom, and heals the wounds, and to empower people to change and grow through the use of counseling, personal growth and development workshops.

Patrice Brantley, Founder

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How We Sow Into Others

Affordable For All

Mental health services should not be a luxury item. It should be affordable for all.

Strong Values

The main value of the SSS Movement Mission Statement is deeply rooted, in the belief that counseling services are to be accessible to all educators and community members.


The Seed Sowing Sistah Movement provides comprehensive quality counseling services, that will benefit the total person in the areas of their mind, body, and spirit.

Group & Individual Sessions

Mental health services available to you, your colleagues, family, and more! Find out about our sessions


Really resourceful materials for teachers dealing with burnout and other mental health stressors. Stay connected for the latest resources.


Let's Talk About Burnout

Are you a teacher who is having a tough time lately in the classroom? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Tired all the time? Are you finding it hard to find a work/life balance? Or feeling like there in never enough time in the day? You may be experiencing teacher burn out? Take the survey below to see if you are experiencing Teacher burn out?

You May Have Burnout

See how Burnout effects everyone and if you could currently be suffering from it. Click below to find out.